Custom Design Solution

Affordable Vector & Digitizing Service Online

Affordable Vector & Digitizing Service Online

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Unleash the potential of precision with Custom Design Solution. We are dedicated to converting designs into flawless embroidery patches and vector digitization. At Custom Design Solution, our team of experts merges advanced technology with their creative expertise to digitize artwork and deliver unparalleled accuracy. Enjoy impeccable stitch counts, intricate design detailing, and vibrant colors. Experience perfection in every single punch with our digitization methods by availing our services.


The Vectorization service we provide offers precise conversion of raster images into scalable vector graphics. Our advanced technology guarantees accurate outlines, vibrant colors, and smooth curves. Whether it's captivating illustrations, logos, or other creative endeavors, Custom Design Solution ensures perfection. Our vectorization process transforms pixel-based designs into versatile and resizable vector formats, elevating your graphics to the next level. Don't hesitate—unlock the potential of your designs with Custom Design Solution online.


Introducing the ideal solution for custom patches of top-notch quality. Custom Design Solution, offers an extensive range of custom patches, including Chenille, PVC, Leather, and more. Customized patches have become a trending fashion statement among brands, and we deliver high-quality and affordable patches along with online digitizing services. If you're in search of personalized patches, our dedicated team is here to assist you. Don't hesitate to reach out to us—we prioritize our customers and provide prompt service.

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Best Design Patches

We have built our company around a commitment to delivering top-notch designs, patches, vectorization, and more. As experts in the field of patches, we firmly believe that our success hinges on our ability to generate innovative ideas.

Perfect Embroidery Artwork

Embarking on the journey of designing artwork and offering online digitizer embroidery services has always been our passion. Initially, our focus was on creating exceptional patches, but as we progressed, our passion led us to diversify our business.

Custom PVC Patches of The High Quality

Our success is attributed solely to our ability to bring numerous innovations to our clients' projects. We offer an extensive selection of 15+ options, allowing our valued clients to customize their desired custom PVC patch or vector digitization.

Brining Your Dream Idea Into Reality

While prioritizing high-quality standards, we also emphasize working with updated technology and consistently training our team to foster innovative ideas. Regardless of your envisioned design, our ultimate objective is to transform your dream into a tangible reality.

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Custom Design Solution's Flawless Embroidery Digitization Machine

Welcome to our Custom Design Solution, where we offer online vectorizing and digitizing services. As a leading store for embroidered patches, we are committed to providing the best possible solutions to our clients. Our expert team specializes in creating custom embroidered patches, digitizing, and vectorizing services at affordable prices.


Whether you run an online store, a renowned brand, or a small business, our aim is to offer the most captivating and eye-catching embroidery digitization services. We never compromise on quality; our dedicated team utilizes the finest materials and printing techniques to ensure customer satisfaction and meet expectations. We are here to serve you.


With our digitization capabilities, we swiftly print and craft letters and logos. Simply avail yourself of our services and receive the perfect pattern of your choice. Don’t delay—place your order today and experience swift delivery.

Discover Exquisite Masterpieces and Captivating Artworks That Command Attention

Custom Design Solution has established itself as a prominent player in the realm of embroidery digitization. We bring our expertise and meticulousness to the table, making it our utmost priority to transform every design into a flawless embroidery masterpiece with an appealing aesthetic. Our dedication to delivering top-notch quality and ensuring customer satisfaction has garnered us a reputation for providing impeccable embroidered patches that surpass expectations. Waste no time—order today and experience our exceptional services.


Custom Design Solution is a leader in embroidery digitization, crafting perfect embroidered patches that exceed expectations. With attention to detail and a commitment to quality, we transform designs into flawless masterpieces. Experience our exceptional services today and elevate your embroidery to new heights.

Cost-Effective Patch Solutions with Swift Delivery Time

We take great pride in standing out among the competition, offering vectorizing, digitizing, and patch services that set us apart. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our specialized team creates embroidery patches that retain their vibrancy even after multiple washes. Share your ideas with Custom Design Solution and expect outstanding results. We never compromise on quality or delivery time, striving to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to providing 24/7 support.


Feel free to reach out to us through our chat support or conveniently place your order online. Whether you have low-resolution images or not, we can convert them into high-quality vectors. You can easily sew and print anything on garments, effectively promoting your brand. Our extensive clientele globally relies on our patches, digitizing, and vector services. We guarantee complete satisfaction and prompt responses. Share your ideas with us via our chat support system or give us a call—we are here to serve you.

Elevate Your Business with Personalized Online Patches for a Distinct Brand Identity

In today’s digital era, brand identity reigns supreme, and we excel at creating captivating patches, digitized artwork, and vector designs that propel your business to new heights. We take your concept and breathe life into it, delivering a superior design experience that surpasses expectations. Our meticulously crafted patches are versatile, allowing you to shine amongst your peers.


Gone are the days of blurry designs; we offer precision and clarity in our vector graphics, tailored to your specific requirements. Our creativity knows no bounds as we present you with a multitude of design ideas, ensuring your vision becomes a reality. With utmost care, we transform sample examples provided by our esteemed clients into customized vector patches, catering to their unique demands.

Get top-notch solutions for custom patches and vector conversions